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Sunday, April 21, 2024

3rd contact Baily's Beads, slow-motion GIF [ GH5 + Astro-Tech 102mm f7 (714mm FL) ]

frame-sequence from 4k video (30 fps, 10-bit, 4:2:2):

Panasonic GH5 + Astro-Tech 102mm f7 (714mm FL)

79 frames, slow-motion (.5 sec pause per frame) contact.gif

79 frames, slow-motion (1 sec pause per frame) contact1.gif

^^^ LONE Baily's Bead starts 3rd contact

^^^ Lone Baily's Bead has already gotten big, before fainter Baily's Beads *faintly* appear..

^^^ by the time other Baily's Beads shows up, the lone bead (above) has already overpowered the trailing beads!

Compared to 2nd contact Baily's Beads, 2nd contact shows much more simultaneous Baily's Beads

2nd contact Baily's Beads, slow-motion GIF [ GH5 + Astro-Tech 102mm f7 (714mm FL) ]

frame-sequence from 4k video (30 fps, 10-bit, 4:2:2):

Panasonic GH5 + Astro-Tech 102mm f7 (714mm FL)

70 frames, slow-motion (.5 sec pause per frame) contact.gif

136 frames, slow-motion (1 sec pause per frame) contact1.gif

2nd contact showed WAY MORE multiple simultaneous beads than 3rd contact!

Saturday, April 20, 2024

wide-angle video, GoPro 6 Ultrawide, uploaded to Vimeo

 uploaded to Vimeo:

2024 eclipse, GoPro 6 Ultrawide, Goreville/IL (Matt Payne farm) from Bob Yen on Vimeo.

^^^ Note the custom mount (zip ties), avoiding (over-priced) $12 for plastic frame camera mount

^^^ GoPro 6 mounted with Panasonic GH3 (12-20 zoom) doing time-lapse, latter was *abandoned*

^^^ Next to GoPro 6, was another tripod (Canon 5D2 + 15mm/2.8 fisheye & Panasonic GX85 + Rokinon 7.5mm)

^^^ Even a 3rd tripod, for a LG 360 VR (Virtual Reality) camera

^^^ GoPro 6 (zip tie mount) with Panasonic GH3 + 12-20 zoom

^^^ WA (Wide Area) #1, nice view of pond & neighbor

Friday, April 19, 2024

wide-angle video, GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye, uploaded to Vimeo

uploaded to Vimeo:

Apr 8 2024 eclipse, wide-angle video, GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye
from Bob Yen on Vimeo.

^^^ Note the horses in pasture, they are seen in below video "returning to the roost" during Totality
^^^ Bogen clamp used to affix Bogen ball-head onto fence post. That barbed-wire is SHARP, I cut my right index finger..bled blood like a spigot!

Corona camera #4, Nikon 300mm/2.8 (set to f4) + Canon 5D2

On travel post-eclipse, will do composite when I get home..

Corona camera #4, Nikon 300mm/2.8 (set to f4) + Canon 5D2

^^^ mounted on counter-weight shaft of CG11 mount, with Astrophysics 4.1" f6 (614mm FL) as main scope. See below:

^^^ CG11 mount cameras

[ Canon 5D2 + Astrophysics 4.1" f6 (614mm FL) ]

controlled by SEM (Solar Eclipse Maestro, Xavier Jubier) camera-control software with MacBook Pro 13" (2014 model)

Corona camera #3, Tamron 400mm/4 + Canon 5D2

On travel post-eclipse, will do composite when I get back home..

Mounted on counter-weight shaft of Takahashi EM100 mount (main scope is Takahashi FC100 800mm f8)

^^^ Tamron 400mm/4 lens on Takahashi 2-axis tangent assembly, (custom) mounted on Takahashi EM100 mount

2nd mount (Takahashi EM100), with left-to-right:

Tamron 400mm/4, Takahashi FC100 (800mm f8), Meade ETX 90 (1250mm f12.5)

Unfortunately, I had to ABANDON the Meade ETX.could NOT find the sun!? Turns out the mount-adapter was *loose*.. DUH!! I had 2nd laptop (2016 MacBook Air) to control the ETX for 2nd/3rd contact Baily's Beads ("burst mode")

The 400mm/4 & 800mm/8 bracket-sequences were done *manually* with remote shutter release cables. 

Just 1 day before I left:
Testing with SEM (Solar Eclipse Maestro) on MacBook Pro (2014) initially was fine -- both Canon 5D2 (for 800mm & 400mm) were able to be detected/fired by SEM. All of a sudden, the cameras simply COULD NOT be detected!? Flat out GAVE UP..

corona camera #2, Astrophysics 4.1" f6 (612mm FL) + Canon 5D2

Bracket sequence below after 2nd contact

Currently on travel, will do composite when I get home

^^^ Astrophysics 4.1" f6 EDT (615mm FL), on CG11 Losmandy mount, Nikon 300mm/2.8 mounted on counter-weight shaft

corona camera #1, Takahashi FC100 F8 (800mm FL) + Canon 5D2

manually taken bracket, due to SEM (Solar Eclipse Maestro) suddenly not recognizing Canon 5D2..on Takahashi EM100 mount

Currently on travel -- will do composite, when I get home

^^^ Takahashi FC100 f8 (800mm FL), main scope on EM100 mount. Meade ETX 90 piggyback (*abandoned* for eclipse), with Tamron 400mm/4 on counter-weight shaft

Canon 5D2 + Sigma 8mm/4 (circular fisheye)

WA (Wide Angle) site #2, all-sky camera -- Canon 5D2 + Sigma 8mm/4. Intervalometer set to 4 sec intervals, started 2 min before 2nd contact

Unfortunately, sequence stopped before 2nd contact. Reason is still unknown..

Below is a pic, from before 2nd contact

^^^ Canon 5D + Sigma 8mm/4 w/intervalometer cable

^^^ red barn is part of Matt Payne farm

^^^ On left, down the hill is my 3 mounts (corona cameras) & other stuff

In distance (blue tent), is my French eclipse-chaser friend (Nicolas LeFaudeux). We had close collaboration, sharing backup site info & weather-forecasts. He ended up following me to southern Illinois (Matt Payne farm)

Canon 5D2 + 15mm/2.8 fisheye, time-lapse

WA (Wide Angle) location 1, Canon 5D2 + 15mm/2.8 (full frame fisheye). Stopped down to f4, Aperture-Priority exposure @f4, -2/3 stop exposure compensation, ASA 400. Intervalometer set to 4 sec intervals, sequence started 2 min before 2nd contact. Unfortunately, sequence stopped during Totality. Reason still unknown..

On travel, only have time for a collage. Will do time-lapse movie when I get back home..

^^^ WA (Wide Angle) area #1, Panasonic GX85 + Rokinon 7.5mm on left, Canon 5D2 + 15mm/2.8 (full frame fisheye) on right

^^^ red-barn from farm (Matt Payne), note the (not real) toy ducks in foreground

^^^ Canon 5D2 + 15mm/2.8 (full frame fisheye) on left, Panasonic GX85 + Rokinon 7.5mm (full frame fisheye) on right

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Wild day cruising 3 Starbucks plus Emory Univ WiFi -- doing eclipse uploads!

Found myself camped at Starbucks (4070 Lavista Rd, Tucker/GA), after late Wed night (10:30pm) run to Burlington Coat Factory (snagged some cool t-shirts for $6 - $10 each)

Did upload from MacBook Air of

GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm

from the car at 6am (Starbucks opens at 5am).

Had to go inside, since battery of MacBook Air was down to 6%. Brought in ALL 3 laptops (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Asus PC), & started hammering away. 

The VideoPad edit for

GoPro 6 Ultrawide view

was no good, since VideoPad "free mode" was gone -- had to pay! Download CapCut video-editor, kludged up an edit for above. Uploaded it to Youtube:

Thus, completed the 2 uploads of WA (wide-angle) 4k videos. Previously, the

GH4 + 7.5mm Rokinon fisheye

was uploaded to Youtube..

Was looking for a 4tb USB hard-drive, found one at Decatur Best Buy (2525 N Decatur Rd, Decatur/GA). There was a Best Buy next to the Starbucks I was at -- 4135 Lavista Rd, Tucker/GA. Went there to pickup a JBL portable BT speaker -- JBL Flip 6 (discounted $29 to $99)

Headed to REI, to do return on bicycle rear panniers. Along the way, went to Sams Club to get rotisserie chicken ($5)

Then, during rush hour, headed to Decatur Best Buy (2525 N Decatur Rd, Decatur/GA). Turns out the 4tb hard-drive was NOT available! So, just went to the next door Starbucks to do some more eclipse work.

Closed early (8pm), so picked up & went to the Starbucks at Emory Univ.

 They used "Emory Guest" WiFi, Was able to download GIMP, & got some

Canon 5D + 14mm

time-lapse pics done.

Got kicked out at 10pm, finished up outside Starbucks

Used the *sweet* JBL Flip 6 speakers, with smartphone (Youtube video)

^^^ Man, that's some CRAZY "running around"..

Canon 5D2 + 14mm, Wide-Angle area #3, time-lapse

Canon 5D2 + Nikon-to-Canon adapter + (Nikon mount) Sigma 14mm/3.5 (stopped to f4), Aperture Priority mode @f4 (ASA 400)

Intervalometer set to 4 sec intervals, started 2 min before 2nd contact

^^^ Canon 5D2 + Nikon-to-Canon adapter + (Nikon mount) Sigma 14mm/4, mounted via Bogen clamp. Note the Panasonic GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm (full frame fisheye) in background. The fence barbed-wire is *sharp* like razor-blade!! I cut my right index finger, it bled like a spigot!

^^^ Note the horses (in neighbor's farm). In above video, you can see them "return to the roost" during Totality. Common animal behavior during eclipse, they think it's night, time to goto bed

Youtube 4k wide-angle videos: GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye plus GoPro 6 ultrawide

Vimeo 5G weekly upload limit reached, so resorted to Youtube for further 4k video uploads
Uploaded 2 wide-angle 4k videos:

1) GH4 + Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye

2) GoPro 6 ultrawide

downloaded Capcut video-editor, kludged up an edit:

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dedication to Free People, e.g. Gaza/Palestine

2024 solar eclipse expedition *dedicated* to Freedom loving people in the world, esp Gaza/Palestine

Resilience & Courage of Gaza/Palestine..

"In a time of Need you'll know WHO YOUR REAL FRIENDS ARE"

^^^ THIS. Congrats to Ireland, S. Africa, Houthi rebels (Yemen) for stepping-up

"If you have a Belief, a REAL BELIEF, you should be WILLING TO DIE FOR IT"
-- Charles Strong, US Army (machine gunner)

[ "Bloods of Nam" (African American soldiers in Vietnam conflict) ]

Thank you

1) Rachel Corrie (MURDERED by IDF)

"I'm here for the children"

2) Aaron Bushnell (USAF employee who couldn't take the US Govt hypocrisy)

self-immolation as act of REBELLION

3) actress Susan Sarandon

4) actress Vanessa Redgrave

5) Argentina soccer super-star Diego Maradona

6) Muhammad Ali

& others for standing up for WHAT IS RIGHT

"My Dad gave me some advice which served me well during my Life. Son, there is NO RIGHT WAY to DO WRONG. Also, You have to be WHO YOU ARE..YOU CAN'T BE WHO YOU AREN'T"
-- James Williams, US Navy (river boats, Vietnam Conflict), Congressional Medal of Honor

Shout out to REAL Americans who understand Freedom, willing to back it up with words/action:

See "Life is about Moments, NOT things" meme above. Gaza/Palestine is a lesson in Courage & Resilience in face of EVIL (aided by US Govt)

"Love the Country, HATE THE GOVERNMENT"
-- poster

[ Public lands (paid by US citizens) for Offroad Racing are being taken away by BLM (US Govt) ]

Offroad Racers & Palestinians share the SAME ENEMY -- Big Brother..Money, Power, GREED

Below graphic via Barbara Lenkart (nee Eastwood) from her Winterwheats antique shopShe was my BRILLIANT, but fiery/idealistic, 6th grade History teacher

[ "old school" Tough Love mold, graduated 2nd in her high-school class (Louisville/KY), Woodrow Wilson scholar at U of Illinois, Masters Degree Education. She & her husband were U of I grads, educated/englightened during turbulent 60's:

Down with the Establishment, Civil Rights movement (e.g. Black rights), Women's rights

naturally part of the anti-Vietnam movement. As any common-sense American would be.. ]

"I shall pass through the world but once
Any good, there that I can door any kindness that I can show
let me do it now 
Let me not defer or neglect it
For I shall not pass this way again"

Appropro article on eclipse, the metaphor of eclipse (light turned into darkness, than transformed into light) with the tragedy of Humanity:

Cycle of War & Peace

Innocent people caught up between war-ing Governments (Money, Power, Greed)
Classic KARMA .. Israel = DONE

EVERY freedom loving people around the world

[ look at ALL the mass-protests!! ]

HATES Israel -- countries around-the-world will simply REFUSE to do business with them.