Sunday, September 27, 2015

9/27 (Sunday) 2015 Lunar Eclipse [ Pasadena/CA ]

Weather looked good leading up to E-day (9/27 Sunday). However, weakening high-pressure allowed WESTERLY high clouds to move towards East starting at noon (9/27 Sunday). Looked not so good from Caltech webcam & Mt Wilson webcam.

Eclipsed moon rose from horizon at 6:43 pm, totality fromt 7:11pm to 8:23pm

Last minute rush to top of PCC parking lot, was able to salvage some photography. There were thick bands that blocked the eclipsed moon, but somewhat hazy/clear bands allowed some decent shots:

8:08pm (nearing totality-end)

8:15pm (nearing totality-end)

8:23pm (totality-end)

8:26pm (3 min after totality-end)


8:31 (8 min after totality-end)pm

8:33pm (10 min after totality-end)