Sunday, March 26, 2006

"equipment malfunction" 80 clicks out of Alexandria

vibration noticed, thought it was a out-of-balance tire. All of a sudden, it got real bad & we had to pull off to the shoulder. Was sure it was a flat tire. Lo & flat tire! Omar removed left-front tire, to discover above. The caliper had been forced into backing-plate, causing the vibration. (inside of rim gouged the caliper, the caiper's secondary brake line had separated, causing a brake-fluid leak).

We discovered 1 of the 2 bolts holding the caliper onto the hub was missing, the other one was barely attached. We surmised that these 2 bolts were not tightened sufficiently at last check-up, & the caliper had worked itself loose to cause above condition.

Omar made a series of calls to his friends in Alexandria, & 2 teams of mechanics were summoned.

The 1st group arrive to dismantle the damaged parts.

The 2nd group of mechanics had spare parts: new backing-plate, new bearings (upper & lower), new caliper. The upper-bearing was damaged (tons of play) & had to be replaced. Unfortunately, the bolts to attached the caliper didn't work, so we plugged the brake-line & limped to Marsa-Matrouh on just right-front brakes. It was nightfall (~8pm) when everything was finished.

The plan is to get final fix in Marsa Matrouh (which is happening as I blog from the condominium, Omar & friend are doing it right now)


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