Tuesday, March 21, 2006

LAX, preparing to board Lufthansa Flight #457

I'm posting from LAX, waiting to board Lufthansa Flight #457 (to Frankfurt)..connecting to Cairo.

CRAZY last 24 hrs. Did extensive testing of my eclipse-program, got it "nailed down". Tear down equipment started at 9pm & it took FIVE HOURS to get it all packed! Finished @2am, & drove to LAX Customs to get the cameras/camcorders/lenses declared. Almost didn't happen! Got back home @6am, & continued onto 10am for further packing. Got 1 hr of sleep, & wrapped up packing. Took shuttle to LAX, & nice couple (originally from Germany) on the same shuttle are going on the same flight!

Security check-in was a nightmare, the hand-check of film was a fiasco. The girl had to open ALL my film canisters, & practically destroyed the 120 B&W film. Lufthansa staff were extremely professional & courteous.

See here for further pics on mobile-blog.