Thursday, September 07, 2017

site description, Pt 1 [ '16 Solar Eclipse, Oregon ]

Dr Oh (KAIST group) & myself had similar eclipse photo/video strategy.

We were both using Panasonic 4k video cam

[ KAIST = Lumix GX85, me = Lumix GH5 ]

on high-end APO refractors

[ KAIST= Borg 125mm f6.4 & me = Astrophysics 105mm f6 ]

The above narrow-angle video is with a SECOND 4K video-setup -- Takahashi Mewlon 180 f12 (7" Cassegrain, 2160mm FL) on Lumix GX85. It's the big scope on right side of pic (see previous blog post)

We both used DSLR on Takahashi 4" f8 fluorite APO refractor

[ KAIST = Takahashi TSA102 800mm f8, me = (older) Takahashi FC100 800mm f8 ]

They were using state-of-art harmonic drive sun-tracking mounts, I was using old-fashioned GEM (German Equatorial Mount)

My "parallel" setup at Eldorado Mine (East Oregon)

3 sun-tracking mounts (1 video, 2 photo)

is in below pic.

1) video
(American made) Astrophysics 4.1" f6 (624mm FL) + Panasonic Lumix GH5 (4K video cam, 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording)

2) photo 1
Takahashi FC100 (800mm f8) + Nikon D810 (36M pixel)

3) photo 2
2 corona cameras (800mm f8 & 360mm/2.8), 1 narrow-angle (1040mm f8)

above pic taken by Justin Nash (leader of 3-person group from Oakland/CA)


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