Thursday, September 07, 2017

site description, Pt 5 [ '17 Solar Eclipse, Oregon ]

3 guys from Oakland/CA came to my site at 2am on E-day, they were nice enough to charge my battery with their running car (using jumper cables). Also gave me 1 gallon water & Powerade -- I was RUNNING OUT of water (brought 4 gallons). Strange for me, since I always bring more than enough

Another guy (Bob Lawrence, auto-mechanic from nearby Ontario/Oregon) came by, after seeing my "open hood". See below pic.

I got his business-card, I ended up calling him after I got back home. Super nice guy, he was going to let me stay at his home, & help me get the charging system fixed. His son & daughter work at NAPA auto parts

1 of the things that came out of my eclipse trip, were the super nice people I met. Country folk in Oregon & Idaho, plus the 3 guys from Oakland/CA. I've been in touch with the latter, they are all college-educated


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