Thursday, September 07, 2017

site description, Pt 3 [ '17 Solar Eclipse, Oregon ]

The pic (see previous blog post)

only shows the 3 sun-tracking mounts, there were 8 other tripods ( & digital, video-cameras).

I'm still working thru all the footage. Did the videos (rectilinear, 360 VR, time-lapse), then 4K video.

WASTED 1 week dealing with the 4K video 

[ Lumix GH5 was a rental (very high-end), requiring the latest codecs for Mac. Had to download latest Mac OS (El Capitan)..then Final Cut Pro X. IMovie would NOT work..spent 4 days "head butting" over this!! ]

before that WASTED 4 days doing the 360 VR

[ still getting stitching seams using stock stitcher. Now getting assistance from a Pro using an industrial stitcher (Mistika) ]

Need to get 4 rolls of film developed:

14mm, 20mm, 7.5mm (circular fisheye), 16mm full-frame fisheye

get 36 frames scanned for each (using a 23 yr old Mac 8500 + film-scanner!!), registered, converted to time-lapse

My main sun-tracking mount #1 (in middle) -- the 2 corona cameras & 1 narrow-angle camera didn't FIRE !!

[ glitch in automated controller SEM (Solar Eclipse Maestro) on Macbook Pro. 30 min before Totality, all 3 cameras were detected & did test "fire". Then, it went on "Simulated Time" (!!??), I changed back to "Actual Time". The Macbook Pro had startup GLITCH..took like 5 min to bootup. I.E., "spinning beachball" indicating some sort of problem ]

The sun-tracking mount #2 (also controlled by 2nd Macbook Pro running SEM), worked. However, 1 of the corona cameras (on 600mm f5.6)was out-of-focus!! (the images are somewhat salvageable). The other camera (on 800mm f8) were fine

I.E., only 1 out of 5 corona cameras was dead-on..!!!?? MAJOR BUMMER!

Below pic is equipment being broken down, placed into cases/bags, about to be loaded into Jeep.