Thursday, September 07, 2017

site description, Pt 6 [ '17 Solar Eclipse, Oregon ]

I know how to work on cars, & brought my tools. I limped back to Caldwell/Idaho (60 mi away), with non-working charger. My battery was nearly dead, as I returned the 2 rental cameras at the UPS store.

The Walmart mechanic told me

"DO NOT try to limp back to Los Angeles (900 mi drive) thru the desert (on 2 batteries)-- you WON'T MAKE IT"

I ended up find a website on my (dying) smartphone, about a charging system fix -- using external voltage regulator. I went to local NAPA auto-parts, got the parts & did the install. It worked..see pic

I hung around at Wendy's & McDonalds surfing web (checking out eclipse coverage, FB, etc), to eat/cleanup/chill out. I spent 4 days in desert

I headed back to LA, the next morning