Thursday, September 07, 2017

site description, Pt 2 [ '17 Solar Eclipse, Oregon ]

I also had FOUR 360 VR cameras running (2 video, 1 time-lapse, 1 still). The still 360 cam (Canon DSLR + fisheye lens) is in above pic, which produced below 360 panorama:

[ sound is enabled, you can hear 3 guys (car-pooled from Oakland/CA) observing 100 yds away on a hill. All 3 were highly educated, we exchanged contact info

They gave me water & Powerade, I was RUNNING OUT! (strange for me, since I usually bring MORE than I need. Plus, helped charge my car-battery, I had MAJOR car problems on the 880 mi drive to Oregon -- vibrating front suspension & FAILING car charging system! I started offroading this site on DEAD battery -- car wouldn't start!! ]

Below picture taken by Justin Nash (leader of 3-person group from Oakland/CA)